Urs, The Swiss Black Boy

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A Roller Coaster between the High Life and Bankruptcy

Urs Althaus the Swiss black boy book a rollercoaster between the highlife and bankruptcy

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4.0 out of 5 stars 
"It parallels many of the truth's in my own life in New York and Paris.",
May 17, 2015 
Winston C Powell


Innocent - Naive - Heartwarming - Spellbinding - Opportunity - Poignant - Disturbing - Brutal - Terrific - BRAVO! I sat riveted to the written words till I finished the entire book. I loved it! I thank you for telling and putting your story into writing. It is classic! It is the story of many a black boy’s. We are lucky, we have these amazing mothers who above all put us first, loved unconditionally and instilled immeasurable values into our hearts.



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